Interview Ritu Jagyasi

I am Ritu Jagyasi, perusing B.Com from GGU. Here, I have a piece of my life regarding my hobbies and my interests which I have lost totally after entering the university. My world has completely turned up-side-down. Today I find myself totally different from who I was in my school life. 

 back then in my school days, I used to take part in various cultural and physical activities. I used to be a very good volleyball player and a great dancer. I was appreciated and applauded for my abilities on and off the field or on the dance floor by many. But today, when I look up for where I stand, I find Myself nowhere in the field of sports and cultural activities.I feel like I'm completely chained up to my study table and mostly circulating around books amd projects. All I do is just come to college, attend the classes and then go back home and repeat.                                                                                                             

Whenever I see our university students actively taking part in dance and various sports activities I feel alive. I feel motivated and do get excited, I mean it reminds me who I was back then and where I came from. Everything attracts me towards it, yet I get disappointed with me that even after being such a good player and a dancer in my school days, I could never be a part of it anymore. Well, this is something I wouldn't boast much about.

 Sometimes I feel like giving it a try but responsibilities block my road.Studies,making up a good career all these things count but thinking of what makes me happy makes up my life bright.So I gave it a try, once again I started what I've left behind long back. GGU gave me a platform to show myself up again.I took part in the cultural event in one of the fests by the university.It screened me who I was and what I really wanted to be. So whatever it is,wherever life takes you to, never give up on your dreams. Try not to let the player inside you die.

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Category : People of GGV    06/04/2017