Mr. Javid Ahmed Malik "International young scientist Award"

At the "6th International science congress" which is orgainiged by the  "International science community Association" (registered under Ministry of corporate Affairs ,govt. of India) at Hutatma Rajguru Mahavidyalaya; Pune, Maharashtrsa, India; Mr. Javid Ahmed Malik  has won the "International young scientist Award". 

                                                                       Mr.Javed Ahmed Malik is a research scholar in the department of Zoology from GGU. who has recently been awarded for his outstanding invention on his research and scientific work for characterigation of Tephrosia Purpurea Linn so as to unravel the hepatoprotective potential against anti-tubercular drugs induced hepatotoxicity that was presented in Pharmaceutical Science section. The outcome of the scientific investigatons will be helpful in establishing an excellent  hepato-protective drug against Tuberculosis. His study was aimed to characterize Tephrosia purpurea  extract for its hepatophrotective potential against anti-tubercular drugs. For this,the plant was collected and processed to obtain the extract. Then, this extract along with the anti-tubercular drugs were given to experimental white rats for about two months. On observation, the researcher found the hepatoprotective effects of the plant extract. This experimentation was conducted at Toxicology and pharmacology Laboratry of Department of Zoology, under the supervision of Dr. Monika Bhadauria. The research program was financiaaly supported by the UGC-MRP and UGC-BSR.


Prof.Anupama Saxena

Many many congratulations